Floral Walls

Our beautiful floral walls will bring the WOW to any occasion! Our walls come in two sizes: our large size is 8ft high x 10ft wide and we also carry an 8ft high x 8ft wide for showers, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Please come to our showroom and take a selfie to see how beautifully they photograph.


Floral Wall Style #1

Not scared of colour? This may be the wall for you! 


Floral Wall Style #2

Lush greenery with touches of pinks and red, who doesn't love a bold backdrop?


Floral wall style #3

Garden vibe? Dreamy maybe? Or just not all that into colour, whatever it may be, this is sure to add the WOW to your event.


Floral Wall Style #4

Luxe and lavish all white floral wall. This brings all the elegance and class to your event.


boxwood wall

Love nature but your guests don't? Add this to your list and choose the fairy lights options for a whimsical look or go with uplighting for a more modern vibe.


Custom Balloon Wall

Pricing depends on dimensions.



Available in a variety of colours, please have dimensions for accurate quoting.