How far in advance do I have to place an order?

For weddings and large-scale corporate events, orders are typically confirmed at least 4-6 months in advance, or earlier. For small scale events which require no custom work, typically 2-4 months is sufficient. However, availability is limited, and nothing is held for a client until all the signed documents and deposit are received.


Are delivery/pickup and setup/teardown included in the rental price?

The rental price does not include delivery/pickup or setup/teardown. These are separate optional services that we provide. Prior arrangements should be made with office staff at booking if these services are needed.


Why do we book for maximum guest count?

We do bookings this way to ensure that we will be able to provide you with the number of items needed for your event. Prior to final payment your final numbers are due so that ALA staff can adjust the invoice to reflect your true numbers.


Are we able to pickup items?

Yes! We encourage you to pickup your rentals if possible.


How are items delivered?

Unless other arrangements have been previously made, all goods will be left neatly stacked in a single area. Upon pickup, items must be gathered by the event organizer and stacked as they were when dropped off.


How Much is the deposit required to book my rentals?

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your items. Please keep in mind that this is non-refundable because the items will not be available to anyone else for your date.


What if I don’t use all the items I rented? Can I be reimbursed?

Unfortunately, we will not reimburse you for any unused items. All items that leave the warehouse are considered rented and have been paid for 30 days prior to the event. Final numbers need to be submitted to ALA staff prior to final payment date so that your invoice reflects your true numbers.


I find that the delivery cost is out of my budget

Not a problem, you can always arrange for pickup and you can return the items yourself. Please keep in mind that delivery/pickup entails paying for the truck, insurance, mileage, driver, helper, gas etc. We cannot discount delivery or labour.


can i see my flowers before my event?

We offer mock-up sessions for anyone who needs to see the flowers before the big day. The cost of the mock-up will be the same as the ones for the big day since they will be the same. Ideally we will try to book it for the same day as your engagement shoot or a party so that you can reuse the flowers. Please discuss this with the ALA team at your consultation.