Pickup a card box to place at the receiving table, all rentals include a custom decal so inquire with us today!


Card Box Style #1

Large Geometric Card Box

20.5" High x 12.5" Wide


card box style #2

Add a personal touch by getting a custom decal with your names on this box.

15.5" High x 15.5" Wide


Card Box Style #3

Our popular acrylic series, available in 3 sizes

10” x 10” - Style 3S

12” x 12” - Style 3M

16” x 16” - Style 3L


Card box style #4

The ever popular socker house. Tons of space for your cards and well-wishes.

14" High x 17" Wide


Card Box Style #5

This rose gold card box will make a great addition to your receiving table.

14.5" High x 12" Wide


card box style #6

Great box for smaller events

9" High x 12" Wide